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Rules,Terms and Conditions
Welcome to The Marketing Technology Awards 2019, hosted by ClickZ & Search Engine Watch.
Entry Process:
Only those categories with the most interest will open for entries. i.e. not all categories originally shown will be available to enter.
The 'Technology' section is open to all Marketing Technology companies that match the entry criteria. Judges reserve the right to re-allocate and remove companies that have entered into incorrect or invalid categories. Only those entries that complete the award criteria will be considered and only authorized members of the companies may enter on their behalf.
Winners will be based on 50% of votes/scores by customers and 50% by the judging panel. See below for more information on voting/scoring rules.
The 'Use of Technology' section is open to everyone, including the technology providers themselves. i.e. you are using your own technology on your own business. This category is 100% voted for by the judging panel against the published criteria.
Technology providers may also enter with a client case-study. However, they must have the clients permission.
The 'People' section is open to all individuals as set in the criteria of each award. This section is 100% voted for by the judging panel which reserves the right to reallocate and remove entries based on the entry criteria.
In all categories, finalist will be announced and invited to the awards dinner in New York on March 21.
All entries will remain confidential and will only be shown the the judges who will also keep the entry details confidential.
Voting/Scoring Rules:
The 'Technology' section is judged based on 50% of voting/scores by customers and 50% by the judges votes against the same criteria.
This section refers to the scoring stage:
Employees may not vote/score/rank their own technology or a competitive technology within that category. They are eligible however, to vote in other non-competing categories.
Public relations and marketing firms may not vote for their clients.
Private email addresses – Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, for example – will be disqualified from voting.

Only valid business emails will be accepted - this is to ensure that entrants do not vote/score/rank themselves, or for competitive technologies or arrange for friends or family members to vote.
When voting/scoring/ranking in a category, entrants must attest to have reasonable knowledge and experience in working with that technology within the last 5 year's and give a true and reasonable reflection of their experience.
All scores will be totaled and divided by the number of votes to give the final scores.
When aggregating the votes, judges will look to strip out what we consider to be invalid votes.

These include people voting for their own company, multiple votes from the same person or IP address, proxy votes, votes from people using Hotmail or Gmail accounts, votes by people who choose the same company indiscriminately throughout the poll, votes by people who clearly have not used the technology.
In some cases companies may be included in the voting section and retrospectively submit their entry to be considered by the judges.
Other invalid behavior includes:
  • Organized group voting patterns e.g. block votes from groups of people at the same company.
  • Inducements to vote in a particular way e.g. gifts, drinks or entertainment etc.

  • Any other indication that an unfair attempt has been made to influence the poll.

ClickZ & Search Engine Watch's decision is final.
All scores/votes are anonymous.
The Judging Process:
Judges have been selected based on the industry knowledge and experience in Marketing Technology.
Judges from companies that have entered a category or have a competitive product will not vote in that respective category.
Judges will have access to both the entry information as well as the scoring/voting data (for the 'Technology' category) to inform their scoring. They may request further information from any entrant to support their decision making process.
Judges scores in the 'Technology' categories (outside of the 'Overall' section) make up 50% of the total scores. In the'Overall' categories judges scores account for 100% of the final score. In the 'Use of Technology' section and 'Individual' categories' the judges scores also count for 100% of the total.
The judges decision is final. Judges may not take any forms of gifts or be approached or influence in any way that affects their scoring and can abstain from voting in a particular category if they do not feel they have the right knowledge or experience to judge fairly.
Judges scores will be aggregated with the component parts remaining confidential.
If you have any question on the process or the above rules please contact
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